Protect your runway uptime with built-in FailSafe design

Prevent interruptions on your runway with proprietary FailSafe photometric design. With contingency built-in, the light remains MOS139 complaint – even if a single LED goes out. So you maximise safety, serviceability – and airport revenue.

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Get real time alerts if your airport loses power

Be informed about power failures at the airport with 24/7 alert text messages sent straight to your phone or watch. Even working remotely, Aerodrome managers can stay abreast of critical issues and coordinate a quick response for maintenance personnel.


Combat aging infrastructure with longer lasting lights

Sophisticated heat sink design means Aero lights last 121,400 hours*, or 13.85 years. And, with a robust aluminium body and glass lens, Aerolight wont degrade in the harsh Australian UV meaning you have the longer lasting light and a better ROI.

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Make replenishment friction free, with an online account.

Get overnight shipping when you need it most – with an Australian Made product. You don’t need to request pricing and wait. Simply look up the item in our online shop, or scan the QR code identified on the light.

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