Who we are at Aerolight

What does Aerolight do?

We want to make sure no community is left out. By offering regional airports with high performance lighting, we help towns and cities keep in touch. We empower communities to mobilise emergency services, local business to deliver goods, and residents to get that last minute gift flown in.

And how does Aerolight do that?

We spent over 10 years in electrical contracting, including airport upgrades like Swan Hill, Bendigo and Merimbula. Now, we’re making airport lights with the hindsight of being an installer. That means – FailSafe lights to prevent downtime, longer lasting run time (by 7 years longer*), real time text text alerts to communicate critical data if you’re offsite, runtime tracking, and more.

*vs advertised operation of leading Australian regional airfield lights. Tested on low intensity runway light per IES LM70 test method.

Protect your community with an Airport that works 24 hours a day.

Aerolight is a family business, owned by siblings Lee and Mark Furst. Connecting towns and cities is personal us. Our dad, Paul, was struck on the head by a Bobcat 15T front end loader in Swan Hill, Victoria. With serious brain injuries, Swan Hill District Health urgently needed to get Paul to a bigger city hospital, equipped for the injury. From Swan Hill airport, he was airlifted by Air Ambulance to The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Without a reliable, quality airport, loved ones are left without access to critical services. The good news is that Paul eventually made a full recovery. The bleed on his brain stopped and he passed the test to count backwards in 7s from 100.

We’re Australian owned and made.

Our lights are locally made and stock is readily available when you need it. And, if you have an ‘oh shit, we need the airport operational by tonight but I’m not sure what tapping to use on the MIT’ moment – We’re here.