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Lee is an Airport Lighting consultant and owner at Aerolight Airports. Lee helps you save money on lights and build a more reliable airport for emergency services and locals. Lee is a mum and enjoys running (not at a gym - its too boring).

Unveiling the Secrets of Longer-Lasting AGL Airport Lights (+ Bonus Assessment Tool).

Tender specs almost always stipulate that lights must comply with CASA or ICAO standards. And sometimes they stipulate a smooth glass lens, which is a great start. But, the key to a long-lasting airport can be found in the datasheets and reports from the airport lighting manufacturer. This is an insider’s explanation into what [...]

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Airport Taxiway Lights

Airport taxiway lights are an essential part of any airport as they help to make sure that both the pilots and vehicle drivers follow the taxiway correctly, especially at night or when there is low visibility. This lighting, which is embedded in the usable surface of the taxiway and also set up along the edges [...]

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