What is a FailSafe Airport
Lighting Protection System?

The best way to protect runway serviceability.

With redundancy built into each light, the light stays on – and MOS 139 complaint – even if one LED in the array goes out. That means the runway stays operational for airlines, businesses and your community.

Maximise safety and reduce your risk.

FailSafe is the best way to reduce the safety risk to pilots from light failures. And, minimise your airport’s exposure to liability by ensuring your AGL system stays MOS 139 compliant.

Win more RPT and GA services for your airport.

Showcase a best-in-class airport to potential customers. Because a more reliable, safer airport drives growth. Not only is it safer for airport users, it maximises runway uptime – so you can harness opportunities for your airport.

Future-proof your airport tech and stay relevant with Aerolight

Protect the longevity of your Airport by installing AGL lights with the most up-to-date technology – so your airport doesn’t get left behind with an old lighting system.