Increase Asset Life for a Higher ROI

Aerolights are IES tested to run 102% longer*. And, with a robust aluminium body and durable glass lens, the light fixture won’t corrode from exposure in the Australian sun.

White Unserviceability Light

Increase your ROI with longer lifetime hours

Make sure your capital investment pays off, by ensuring you have the longest lifetime hours. With Aerolight, your runway will enjoy up to 102% longer run time* than any other runway light on the Australian market.

The aluminium body provides the optimal path for heat sinking. Where plastic insulates the heat, aluminium is conductive – meaning it is the most efficient method for heat disbursement. Less heat = longer lasting LED’s.

And, the glass lens won’t discolour under harsh Australian UV.

*vs leading Australian regional airfield lights. Measured on low intensity runway light across IES LM-70 standard tests.

Save on your cost of keeping spares with a one size fits all solution.

Because the lens is clear, it is universal. That means it can be swapped with any elevated light on the airfield. There’s no need to buy spares in multiple colours in case of rock strike.

And because the lens is lower profile, the risk of rock strike is reduced so you will have to replace it less often.

Glass Lens for Airport Light