You don’t have to be Sydney International to experience high performance airport lights.

Aerolight runway lights are Failsafe to prevent interruptions and they last a MEGA 121,400 hours! They’re for regional airports, without the European price tag.

In 2023, Aussie Airports upgraded 1,850 lights to Aerolight. 

Post me a sample, for free!

Support your emergency services and help local businesses grow.

  • Don’t kneel to greedy supplier prices; instead get more for your money with reasonable pricing and a longer lasting light.
  • Why wait 4 weeks for your lights? Or worse, 12 weeks for your insets? Cut the lengthy lead times with lights made here, ready to ship!
  • Get local support, in your time zone.
  • Proven at airports around the country, we are Australia’s fastest growing airport lighting supplier.

“The industry now has a sound choice in AGL equipment. Aerolight make a quality product at a competitive price, with ease of availability.

I enjoy my relationship with Mark and Lee, and look forward to continuing this into the future.”

– Andrew Coyer, Airside Services (Queensland)