Intermediate Holding Point Light

The Aerolight Holding Point light is an omnidirectional yellow light.

  • 28.5% longer lasting light* – or 77,100 hours – for a higher ROI.
  • Never replace cloudy lenses. With a glass lens – resistant to UV damage – the lights will never be dim or non-compliant.
  • Minimise your cleaning maintenance with a smooth dome shape resistant to build up of dust and dirt.
  • Reduce the cost of keeping spares with a universal lens – interchangeable on any elevated runway or taxiway light.
  • Accommodate the most uneven surfaces with twist-to-level technology to pivot up to ±8 degrees.
  • Faster access with no thread or mechanical parts with a colour coded O-Grip to secure the lens.
  • Protect against UV decay with a premium powder coated aluminium body that won’t turn brittle.
  • Protect against corrosion with Marine Grade option for salty environments.
  • Comes with a FREE pre-wired Style 6 plug for fast installation on site.
*vs advertised operation of leading Australian regional airfield lights. Tested on fixed intensity light per IES LM70 test method.
  • CASA MOS 139 Certified

  • Product Protection

  • 99.2% Recyclable

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Download Elevated Holding Point Light

Contact us for lifetime hours testing report.

Installation Instructions

Download pdf design drawings for installation on a pit lid or concrete footing.

Download CAD design drawings for installation on a pit lid or concrete footing.

Tender Specifications

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Contact us for certification test reports.


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