Yes, you can afford PAPI’s on your airport!

The Happy PAPI is tailor made for LED’s which means it’s half the width. Unlike other PAPIs, there’s no halogen hangover (retrofitting LEDs into a halogen PAPI is like jamming a USB into a floppy disk port – what?!)

Here’s why you’ll be happy:

  • It’s less obtrusive on your airport
  • You don’t pay for multiple projectors and multiple SITs
  • You’ll save money on the concrete foundations because it has a smaller footprint.
  • Lightning surge protection Compliant to FAA lighting protection EB67D
  • Large paddle shape mounting plate for ultimate stability in extreme wind or jet blast.
  • Encased and sealed projector to prevent dust and moisture ingress
  • Tool free access for high speed tilt adjustment
  • Maximum airflow and strong heat sink to manage heat for longer lasting LEDs
  • Avoid long lead times with local Australian stock and spare parts
  • Enjoy the convenience of a local refurbishment service for on site damage.
  • Tested and certified for CASA MOS Part 139 and ICAO Annex 14 Volume I.